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Fortnite Skins

43.20 USD

Sold Out 11 Time

Fortnite SUMMER LEGENDS PACK XBOX [Key] at a price of 160 riyals for visa and bank transfer or 220 balance together

How to receive the request:

1- The request will come to you in the form of a key that you do in your own account.

2- The request is delivered in a period of 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

3- You will be notified by a message on your mobile number that you use on the site when the order is completed and a notification will appear on the site with your own account also including your order information.

Information to be sent to fulfill the request: None.

*Note (1) : The bundle includes (special Tropical Punch Zoey figure + Sour Swirl bag + special Unpeely figure with its accessories + Banana Cabana bag + Summer Fable special character with its accessories + Trapper Pack)

*Note (2) : The key is activated on the Xbox.

* Note (3) : If you play on the computer or the PlayStation, you can create an Xbox account and link it through the EpicGames website, and then activate the code on the Xbox.

*Note (4) : To pay with Sawa credit, please contact the site's direct technical support.

If you are playing on PlayStation 4 and you do not have an Xbox to activate it, you can request this service
43.20 USD
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Saleh Otabi

10 months ago

جميل وموثوق

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