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Charging the money of a grande 500 million [for the computer]

Floss Grand 5 | GTA V Online Money

21.60 USD

Sold Out 8 times

Charging 500 million grand money [for the computer] at a price of 80 riyals for visa and bank transfer or 100 balance together

How to receive the request:

1- The money is charged directly to your account

2- The request is delivered in a period of 30 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

3- You will be notified by a message on your mobile number that you use on the site when the order is completed and a notification will appear on the site with your own account also including your order information.

Information required to fulfill the request:

1- You must write all the required information below in the appropriate field.

2- The platform on which your account is located.

3- The e-mail of your account in the game.

4- The password of your account in the game.

5- Remove the second verification at login ( 2FA )

*Note (1): If your account is on the Steam platform, you must put your username in the email field at the bottom to log in.

*Note (2): Please do not login to the account when you start implementing the order (you can play, but if anyone suddenly comes out of the game, stop playing for about an hour and go back in so that there are no problems and we are charging the money in your account).

*Note (3) : The password must be changed by you after completing the application.

*Note (4): Shipping is 100% safe and we have not encountered any problems with it so far, but there is no guarantee on the withdrawal because we do not know any procedures that may take place through the game company.

21.60 USD
Out of Stock
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