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10,000 Credit Rocket Leauge Charging Game

Credit Rocket League | Rocket League

67.23 USD

Shipping Credit game Rocket League (Rocket League Credits) worth 10,000 credits at a price of 249 riyals for Visa or 290 credits Sawa

How to receive the request:

1- The credit is sent to your account directly by Trade after authenticating our account.

2- The application is delivered in a period of 5 minutes to a maximum of 24 hours.

3- You will be notified by a message on your mobile number that you use on the site when the order is completed and a notification will appear on the site with your own account also including your order information.

Information required to fulfill the request:

1- You must write all the required information below in the appropriate field.

2- Determine the platform on which your account is located.

3- The ID of your account to add it as a friend and send the credit to it.

*Note (1) : If your account level is less than 30 in the game, you cannot trade, and for this you cannot request this service until the level of your flak in the game reaches 30 as a minimum.

*Note (2): If your account level is between 30-90, you cannot order more than 20 thousand per day and each 2000 will be delivered in a transaction (meaning if you order 10 thousand, we will deliver it to you in 5 payments: 2000 + 2000 + 2000 + 2000 + 2000 in the last operations you want )

*Note (3): If your account level is above 100, you can order as much as you want :) Unlimited quantity means.

*Note (4): After purchasing, the friendship that you will receive from us must be accepted, according to the platform.

*Note (5) : After accepting the friendship, an invitation will be sent to you to the lobby and then an invitation will be sent to the process you want and then the required quantity will be sent, but in each process you must put anything you do not want, any tool in return from your side only to complete the process.

*Note (6) : Your account must be open with a trade. Among some of the points you need to open a trade if it is intoxicating:

  • New players who play the game when it became free, they must buy from the game directly for one time only with 500 credits in order to open the trade.
  • Activate the 2FA feature in Epic Games
  • The account level must be less than 30.

*Note (7): To pay with a Sawa balance, please contact the site's direct technical support.

The ID of your account to be charged
67.23 USD
One comment

راشد الدوسري

5 months ago

هل الموقع مضمون بكل امانه ؟



5 months ago

تقدر تشوف التقييمات يالغالي قبل الشراء ^_^

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