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Terms of ordering from the store

Before ordering, please read the terms to implement the order as soon as possible and in the best way ❤️

1- You must read the product description carefully before ordering.

2- The executed request cannot be returned.

3- If you have a store and want to buy from us, please let us know.

4- If the required product is in the form of a “code” key and it does not work, the buyer must contact the company if this is available and take the activation time for the key, for example:

For example, the code is from Microsoft, you should talk to their support, ask them when the code was activated, and inform us through the direct technical support available on the site.

5- If the required product is in the form of an account, all information must be changed, the most important of which is the e-mail if it is available so that he can control it completely and know all the movements that take place inside it.

6- The store has nothing to do with the customer’s technical problems, i.e. if you bought, for example, a key for a game or Windows ... etc. and the key was successfully activated here ends the role of the store ... but if the key does not work successfully, you must contact us, this is your right.

7- The full amount must be paid first, and then the order will be delivered to you.

8- The store has the right to cancel the order and return the money if there is a problem with the customer's order or if the requested information is incomplete or clear.

9- Payments made through “ Visa ” and “ Mada ” The period for returning money to the customer’s account in the event of cancellation of the application is from - one to 14 working days for the bank -.

10- The store has nothing to do with the request after 14 days of the request.

11- If the request was a manual implementation and a problem occurred outside the store’s management, but the request has been started and the execution process cannot be cancelled, the store has the right to continue executing the request for a period not exceeding 5 days, and then the customer can request the return and cancellation of the request.

11- If a request is made to return the item if it is an electronic card, it is not possible to return it if there are no problems from the company directly

12- If the amount is to be returned to the customer, the payment tax fee will be deducted from the customer as an administrative fee, and the rest of the amount will be returned to the customer, which is for mada card operations 1.5% and for Visa and MasterCard card operations 3% + 1 riyal for the operation.

13- If the amount is more than 2500 Saudi riyals and the request is for immediate delivery, the request is suspended until the identity of the applicant is confirmed, and then the request is delivered.

14- To view the opinions of our customers in our social accounts:

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15- To find out how to order, you can visit the “ How to order? ” page.

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احمد الغامدي

1 month ago

السلام عليكم عندي سوال اذا ابغا اشتري من الموقع بس الدفع من stc كيف اشحن في الجوال ولا اعطيك الكود حق stc



1 month ago

تواصل مع الدعم واتس اب يالغالي

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