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Live Technical Support

You can contact via WhatsApp +966558768820 or through the direct support available on the site.

How to contact direct technical support on the site:

1- After entering one of the website pages, look at the bottom of the screen on the right, there is a blue button with a message logo on it, click on it.

2- After clicking on it, it will ask you to write your name and mobile number ... write them and start a support conversation :)

(Please do not leave the conversation until you respond, sometimes the response is a little delayed due to the large number of inquiries)

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Hussain Ahmed

2 days ago

ودي اشتري بطاقة بلس امريكي هل الرمز يجيني على شكلة رمز من 12 حرف ورقم؟ وكم مدة التسليم؟



2 days ago

صحيح والتسليم مباشر

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